Artificial Root

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Artificial Root

When trees and vegetation are removed fertile ground starts a degeneration process which turns the ground infertile and it becomes practically a desert. This process is called desertification.

The lack of vegetation and specially trees has several consequences. Particularly the ROOTS have too major effects on the ground, besides of feeding the trees.

1rst – Refilling the aquifers: ROOTS take water into the tree, but also drive the rain water into the ground, refilling the aquifers.

2nd – Avoid erosion: The shape and position of the ROOTS help to old together the soil and its nutrients. As mentioned on the first point ROOTS drive water into the ground. Besides refilling the aquifers this simultaneously avoids water flowing at the surface a phenomena that washes away the soil and seeds and there for causes erosion.

So there where there are no trees (and their roots) is hard for trees and other plants to grow.

The ARTIFICIAL ROOT will help to break this vicious circle and lower the costs of ground rehabilitation. An ARTIFICAL ROOT will help to refill the aquifers and avoid erosion on territories on a regeneration process.

In few words an ARTIFIAL ROOT will look and be placed as a giant ground self-tapping screw made of degradable material. As shown on the diagram:

(Excuse the colors I’m color blind)

It will also have place to install extension branches into the ground as shown in the diagram.

Finally depending on the particular problem a seeds can be placed on top of the last extension, or just in the surrounding terrain. While they grow they will replace the artificial roots.

Raíz Artificial / Artificial Root is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Mexico License.
Based on a work at www.zonapersonal.com.

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