The unknown giant

On one of my eventual checkups of  http://news.netcraft.com/ I found that there where 10% less sites on the web form one moth to an other. the true was less impressive what happened is that a company hosting 10% of the sites stopped sharing it’s info.

The company is qq.com (completely unknown to me until that date). I wondered immediately who or what is qq.com? and how it grew so much with out me knowing about it?

A shot vist to qq.com answered most of thing even thought I couldn’t understand a thing on the site. Further Wikipedia search made everything even more clear.

qq.com is the maker of the Chines Messenger alternative and the sites (that mean 10% of the web) are an optional feature of this messenger.

So this expeirince reinforced some lesosns:

1.-Despite Internet and modern communication the world is stil very large and there we are very unaware of what happens in a daily basis on other parts of the world specially at the “far” east their our languages and alphabets are very different, we learn very little about their history, etc.

2.-China is the new SuperPower: Knows how to play gloably and is so big taht even thins that stay only in china can become the more or most (what everer) of the world.

3.- Instant messaging is main activity on the net cyber-surfers have more options every day but messaging is all ways a leading one and often the one at which more people spends more time.

Notice the lower-right corner the spontaneous coming and going of qq.com

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