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Yesterday I found a good article thanks to a friend in facebook. Later on exploring www.TED.org I started to watch a good video and before it ended I decided to share you both things. I started pausing and taking notes on the video. At the end of it I found that in addition of being interesting video and article coincide on what is the very first step to be good in their respective topics.

What good CEOs do according to Peter Druker
• They ask, what must be done?
• They ask, what is good for the company?
• They make a plan of action
• They assumed the responsibility for their actions
• They assumed the responsibility of communication
• They focus on opportunities instead of problems
• They made productive meetings
• They talk in terms of WE instead of I.
The first two allow them to know what they need
The next for transform that knowledge into efficient action
The last two involved the hole organization and made all their members to fell responsible


Design big good
Tim Brown
• Design begins with humans. It may integrate technology and economy but it begins with human needs. This is more than placing buttons on the right place is to know the people and culture even before starting to have ideas.
• Build to think instead to think to build. Hand on aprouch and prototyping allow idea to be tested on the real world and therefore evolve faster. ( Personal NOTE: Ideas must EVOLVE to become GOOD)
• Change the idea of design for consumption design for participation
• Design is to important to be delegated to designers
• Change requires new options. Design thinking give new options.
• The fisrt step is to make the correct questions

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