Peculiar “chilango” day of the deads or floating to se the play

Once again i have to apologize for the lack of a complete translation but any way I hope you enjoy the resume.

The last day of the deads I have a very special experience, always in the context of the big city with crows, traffic, chaos or to be more accurate a surrealistic order. Becuase of my way of life I have turned into an spectaor more than an active player on this wonderfull tradition full of life, smells, flavors and mysticism.  As so I decide with a friend  to go to specila places with great events or altars but with out know what was exactly what we would found.

After several huge city  scenes and some very fortunate events like founding parking fast twice in the middle of thousands of cars. We enrolled to a play in the middle of Xochimilco a region of the city that is still a lake and filled with artificial islands, like in prehispanic times.  So we saw a play in the middle of a rainy night on a boat called trjinera with people asking for food  and traditional ghost legends  going on stage.  I give you some photos and the invitation to try to get some thing from the Spanish version.






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